Monthly Archive: September 2005

More RTS News 0

More RTS News

There are new screenshots available at IGN of Rome : Total War – Barbarian Invasions. This title looks even better than it’s predecessors and will most likely please RTS fans. A faction feature is...

Age of Empires II News 0

Age of Empires II News

Microsoft has announced that Age of Empires III has been send to the factory for mass production. It is scheduled to be released in the US at 18 october 2005. The recommended minimum system...

PC Games News 09/24 2

PC Games News 09/24

GameSpot has posted a review of Bad Day L.A. – read it here. GameSpot also reviewed World Series of Poker, calling it a “miserable failure”.

Serious Sam II Demo 0

Serious Sam II Demo

Ready for some shooting action? Time to grab the Serious Sam II demo and get shooting. Just a note, this game requires some good hardware if you want it to look stunning. Click here...

Myst V : End of Ages Review 0

Myst V : End of Ages Review

It’s the end of an amazing adventure series, Myst V : End of Ages is the final chapter. GameSpot reviews the game and concludes that it’s a pretty good game. Did you know that...