Alone In The Dark Trailer

The Alone In The Dark series is considered the creator of the surival-horror genre, not Resident Evil as you might think. It has been quiet for years, but we finally get to play a new game in the series. Watching the footage I must say they got the right atmosphere, but this game is more action-oriented than previous titles. The scene is New York Central Park, one of the largest, and well known, city parks in the world. A dark secret has surfaced, threatening the city. You, Edward Carnby, must uncover and destroy the evil forces that have total destruction in mind. The trailers I’ve seen show a lot of action, including driving, climbing, and shooting stuff.

Press the play button to start the Alone In The Dark trailer. Ignore the annoying beeps every time the lead character swears. They obviously want to protect you from corrupting your soul by hearing the word f*ck.

I find this quote by EuroGamer to be very fitting:

“At sea in an ocean of blockbusters, Alone in the Dark has no choice but to punch above its weight: high production values, biblical clashes between good and evil, and precociously elaborate game mechanics unite, embraced by a rigid but versatile single location and tempted in every direction by a developer unafraid, perhaps even desperate, to sling every idea at the wall and hope the majority stick.”

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