Jumpgate Evolution

Jumpgate EvolutionJumpgate EvolutionJumpgate Evolution

Any space mmog is going to be compared to Eve Online these days, there is just no avoiding it. With Eve being the most popular online space game, it is hard for developers to clearly show how THEIR game is different from Eve. The first thing I noticed on the features page of the Jumpgate Evolution website is that this game offers twitch-combat. So your keyboard skills actually matter, unlike Eve – in which you just click your mouse button a bunch of times (not very exciting for FPS junkies). Personally, I prefer the former – it makes for more interesting gameplay. Combat is without doubt a major component of the game, whereas Eve is focussed mainly on trade and economic activity.

The Jumpgate Evolution faq boasts about how advanced the AI of computer opponents is. I am always sceptical reading such statements. When was the last time you were actually impressed with a game’s artificial intelligence? The game requires a mere Intel Pentium III 800 mhz, so rest assured that you will be able to meet the minimum requirements. Codemasters Online is now welcoming beta sign ups from all over the world, just click here to go the official site.

June 26, 2008 – Codemasters Online & NetDevil are pleased to announce that BETA signups for their hotly anticipated MMO Jumpgate Evolution are now live alongside the brand new global community portal at jumpgateevolution.com

Launched this week, the global community portal is the premier destination for all news and information on Jumpgate including access to the hotly anticipated BETA which will be going live in the coming months.

More information here.

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  1. Paul Tozour says:

    > When was the last time you were actually impressed
    > with a game’s artificial intelligence?

    That would be when I played F.E.A.R.

    There have been plenty of other occasions, though.

  1. June 30, 2008

    […] Jumpgate Evolution » PC Games Now – News […]

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