Mass Effect : Andromeda

Just a few more days and we can (hopefully) enjoy the newest Mass Effect game, Andromeda. It has been a while since the last game (5 years!), which unfortunately had an, now infamous, ending that has divided opinion ever since. From what we’ve seen, Bioware has learned at least from some of their past mistakes.

Bioware has stated that Andromeda is more about exploration than previous games. Humans are looking for a new home planet so it isn’t surprising that exploration plays a major role in the game. There will be a vehicle similar to the Mako for planetary exploration, but is said to have much improved handling, a very welcome change to say the least. There will also be crafting, improved combat, and tons of quests for you to complete.

Opinions on the graphics have been mixed so far. Quite a few people have criticized the animations that have been shown in the trailers . Then again most people will play a Bioware game for the story, and interesting character interactions.

With all the hype surrounding Mass Effect : Andromeda it better be darn good.

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