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Dreamfall Chapters – Book 2 : Rebels

Update :  Red Thread Games has just released a statement announcing that Book 2 has been delayed, the new release date will now be 12 march 2015. The development team has found some serious...


Mass Effect 2

It’s been a very long time since this site was last updated. So this might be a good time to show some pretty pictures of the much-anticipated sequel to Mass Effect. Mass Effect 2...


Fallout 3 : The Pitt

Ignoring some of the nasty bugs (software bugs, that is), Fallout 3 was a pleasure to play. The graphics were good, lots of interesting characters, and above all a big world to explore as...


EA Delays The Sims 3 Release

The release of the latest addition to the hugely successful Sims franchise has been delayed. Fans of the series would have been able to start designing new houses and people at the end of...